Why So Many People Like To Buy A Replica Watches

Regarding the Price of replica watches, many friends expressed great doubts. Why is a genuine 100,000 fake watches cheaper than a genuine replica watch with only tens of thousands of fake watch? Today, I will talk about the general pricing of watch replica, so that fans can better understand replica uhr Price.

First of all, let's first popularize what http://www.amazewatches.com/ is: replica horloges refers to a watch manufactured by a large domestic watch factory using genuine dismantling and one-to-one mold opening. Its design, materials, and technology will strictly imitate authentic manufacturing, with a high degree of simulation, excellent quality, Many advantages such as stable performance. The similarity between real fake mk watches and genuine can reach more than 90%, which makes replica michael kors watches a detoxification play for many watch fans!

Let's enter the topic to talk about the basic rules of http://www.amazewatches.com industry pricing (only the general direction, not complete)

Big factory advantage

This should be well understood. Just like buying clothes usually, big brand clothes are relatively expensive, but quality and craftsmanship will also be more guaranteed.

Model monopoly

If there is only one manufacturer in the amazewatches market or the version produced by this manufacturer is much higher quality than other factories. This will form a monopoly, and the natural Price will be high, such as the water ghost in the N factory and the Audemars Piguet in the JF factory.

Material cost

In terms of movements, complex movements such as chronograph models of the same grade must be more expensive than three-pin basic movements. Self-produced changes such as Portuguese 7, Panerai P3000 will also be more costly than regular basic movements. The same is true for the case and strap materials. Specialized materials are often more expensive than ordinary cloths. Audemars Piguet 15706 (forged carbon) and Audemars Piguet 15703 (316 steel) are very similar in style, but due to different material costs, the Price of 15706 will be relatively high. For example, the outer ring of sapphire of fifty centimeters, because the ring sapphire is too difficult to process, and the yield is shallow. It needs more than 800, which accounts for 1/3 of the entire watch. There are 127 bubble mirror sapphires and 448 arched sapphires. , More expensive than the ordinary 111 sapphire mirror.

Authentic mold

This is also very easy to understand. Of course, the Price of purchasing a genuine product + opening edition included in the cost of replica catier. Someone will ask here, aren't all iced out watches replica all authentic molds? The answer is no. You can understand by merely giving an example. For example, buying replica watch Omega Haima 150, there are many colors for the same model. Manufacturers will not buy every color to open the mold, which is too expensive. For another example, some commemorative models and limited edition models sold in the world for hundreds or even dozens, and manufacturers can't quickly get them, only to fine-tune them based on similar models to achieve the effect of brietling watch replica.

In short, each industry will follow the internal pricing rules of the industry, which are similar in general, but there are differences in specific places. The most critical issue for watch fans is whether they can find a reasonably priced, guaranteed version and After-sales business. Today's watches replica Price is here, thank you, everyone, for watching.